"Talent Does not cure poverty."

I’ve seen folks with multiple talents end up as two bit hustlers In spite of their talents or sometimes to spite their talents. They were gifted but they were equally scattered brained.
Nothing is more depressing than the sight of a youth with smashing potential for renown but can’t seem to configure his way a mile further because they are too many things he wants to be achieving at the same time and his mind is in a state of sensory overload. He ends up rooted to the spot while folks with half his talent do the double platinum.
Nurture a ruthless mind that focuses with untrammelled clarity. The place to start is your past. Be ruthless with your past and severe the chains. Well its easy to think am referring to all the bad experiences. No! I actually am referring to the so called successes of the past: all the “I used to be….” pity party moments.
Past successes could slow you down if you focus on them. What you achieved in the past is a relic of a faded era; the prototype of yesterday’s dream. The next big thing is brewing in a garage run by a kid in pencil jeans, wearing a stud. The image of yourself in the past could make learning in today’s terms very hard. Be ruthless!
Mental clarity and toughness is the key to visceral impact. A ruthless mind is one that is clear of all clutter, one that embraces a simplicity and precision of purpose. It’s never in doubt what the end game is.
Some folks have this overwhelming feeling of unfinished business. They can’t seem to focus on any one thing at a given time, they are multitasking junkies. They are efficient but not effective.
What they really need to do is sift through all that pile of work and decide what they are not going to do. Eliminate all the non essentials, take the issue out of the tissue and stay with what’s most strategic. Clear a path for your mind to breathe.

A Ruthless Mind

A ruthless mind is forged in deep moments- that moment when you shut down all of earth’s supplies of soundbites, distractions, voices…everything and invest all your mental energies 100% in that one moment , on that one thought, that project, that goal.
Deep moments let’s you tap into your own pristine powers of creativity. The amounts of deep moments a person achieves over a period of time is critical to the soundness, nimbleness and clarity of their minds.
Deep moments lead to deep work that delivers deep impact in your sphere. These things won’t come to you easily. You have to ruthlessly take control.
Here’s advice: if you feel like a champion where you are, perhaps you are the smartest person there, take a French vacation and look for new location that puts your buffoonery in context. Go to places where the results you see make you feel minimised and cuts your ego to size.
Now ruthlessly focus your mind and start afresh. Thank me later!