"Commanding the gap years."

Do you know a teenager?
Strictly for Teenagers
Teenagers are not the problem, they are the solution. We have a duty now to empower and influence their subculture so we can produce innovators, serial entrepreneurs, tech experts, 4th industrial revolutionaries ready to push the boundaries of possibilities for our collective future.
We have a response: We are building a community for smart teenagers between age 13-20 online.
1. SGC Smart Teenagers Connect will pool thousands of young smart teenagers across the country. The goal is to erupt a new youth culture that is built on values, community, character and an ambition to change the world.
2./The community is designed to raise Fifth-path thinkers. While we shall help members in terminal classes prepare for exams local and international with access to learning resources and tutors, the bigger picture is to ensure these teens are mastering the fundamental building blocks of knowledge that help them take control of their own education.
3. It will help teenagers interact with other teenagers across all spectrum, have fun , and embark in project based learning and help bridge the “gap years”.
4. Build a new culture
Culture is everything. We are focusing on building a culture of wealth creation that focuses the young person on
A. Work ethic. We have to ensure young persons raise their standards for how and why they work so that they can consistently deliver high impact results.
B. Problem solving thinking: Learning to deploy intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligences in tackling some of the most difficult challenges facing the world.
…and more

Membership to the community is FREE but it is restricted to only teenagers within the age brackets of 13-20.
Use link below to add all the smart teenagers you know.
Successor Generation Community
Smart Teenagers Connect